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"5-Star, Just a amazing experience last time the staff very knowledgeable they have very good selection of actually everything. Tools, Electronics, Games System, Very clean store the customer service is fantastic. Thanks and keep it up."

- A.A. Northborough

"This was the first time I have ever been in a pawn shop......sooooo I didn't know what to expect. The guys there were really friendly. They dealt with my tears as I was selling some emotional items. I believe I got fair market price and will do business with them again. I actually saw some things I want to buy!!"

- Jenna R.

"I have been doing business with this place for years and have never been disappointed. I am sure the business is thriving because of how I feel about the company. The best around clearly."

- Robert E.

"Extremely helpful. Made sure I got the money I needed and were very professional. Very kind, very knowledgeable"

- Cynthia K.

"Lowell jewelry and pawn a great place to get amazing deals on jewelry,televisions,electronics,coins, fine art & all kinds of unique items. It has a very friendly staff and the owner (Chris) is very involved and always available . I visit at least twice a week and always leave with something unique ,always new items to check out . Their lending and pawn is bar none the fairest and highest paying around and they understand how uncomfortable it can be to have to pawn or sell and treat EVERY client with the highest respect! I cant say enough about the place , its just an amazing experience every time ,there are things in there you just cant find anywhere else and LOTS of one of a kind items ....... Lowell jewelry and pawn is Lowell's own "HARDCORE PAWN" and "PAWN STARS" all rolled up in one !!! Thank you chris and the rest of the gang for all you do ...."


"Done business with them and always found them to be professional and above board!"

- Jamie S.

"This ppl are the best!"

- Wanda D.
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Pawn Shop

Lowell Pawn was established in 1993 to service Lowell, Merrimack Valley communities and Southern New Hampshire. New ownership occurred in 2006 which precipitated an initial move into the historic downtown location; eventually ending up at our current location at 755 Lakeview Avenue in the former Eastern Bank location. Our president/CEO, Christopher McCarthy created an entirely new and upscale presentation to the store. Sophisticated design, integrated security, and inventory management and tracking systems were put in place. When visiting our store you’ll find bright, sophisticated lighting and modern merchandising programs to rival the major discount stores. Our employees are trained in the latest customer service skills and are constantly updated on the latest technology and product advances.

Our staff has grown substantially as we have more than quadrupled our customer base. We now are performing jewelry repairs and sizing utilizing our GIA-certified jeweler. We expanded our IT staff which allows us to completely wipe clean all of our laptops and game systems of viruses and malware. For the safety of the buyer and the seller all previous customer files and information are completely purged. Making these pre-owned items a great value for resale.

Lowell Pawn business structure can be broken down into several categories:

Buying - this has two sub-categories, precious metals and general merchandise. There are many reasons why our customers come to us to sell their items. They don't have the time to wait for the cash. They may be moving or don't want to research and haggle on price. Many don't want to meet with strangers to perform a cash transaction. Under precious metals, we are a huge gold buying business. This includes scrap, dented and broken gold. We also buy silver, platinum, diamonds and flatware. We also buy coins and commemorative medals. Under general merchandise we will purchase your electronics, video game systems, tools, and musical instruments. Naturally, we won't purchase chipped, cracked or broken items.

Retail Sales - with the items that we purchase and those not redeemed, we now make those available for re-sale. This provides a tremendous opportunity for our customers to purchase pre-owned items at a significantly reduced price. By only buying quality products, we are left with selling only quality products. How great is that? Pre-owned items are a great value. We perform a complete operational verification prior to the items going out onto the sales floor.

Come in today and let us solve your problems. We are conveniently open 7 days of the week. We are a one-stop shopping superstore. You can also visit and purchase online at our eBay store and soon on our website.

Lowell Pawn is committed to effecting permanent and positive change in the lives of the residents of Lowell and the surrounding communities.

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